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Introduction to Mathematics

Universiteit Erasmus University Rotterdam IBEB Introduction to Mathematics

Introduction to Mathematics - Endterm - Group 1


This training is open for both Dutch and international students. The training will be held in English. With this training, you will be prepared for your exam for Introduction Mathematics.

The training consists of 12 hours, divided over 3 or 4 lessons.

Our teacher will explain the important subjects and answers all your questions. In addition, we practice a lot with exam questions. At the beginning of the first lesson you will receive the training manual, consisting of a summary in combination with practice questions. If used, the PowerPoint slides will be shared with the group after each lesson. The group has room for a maximum of 15 students.

The unique warranty applies to this training only if you also followed our midterm training.

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Introduction to Mathematics - free EFR Masterclass


Introduction to Mathematics is one of the hardest courses in the bachelor Economics and Business Economics. That is why the EFR is here to offer you some help for the midterm exam with a 6 hours long training! The training will be taught by Hicham, one of the most experienced teachers at TentamenTrainingen. He will guide you through the theory and practice a lot of questions with you. Because of the collaboration between the EFR and TentamenTrainingen, this training is free for members of the EFR!! Like the past years we expect there to be a lot of students for this training, so be sure to sign up in time and secure a spot!


Wednesday 25 September 19:00 - 22:00

Thursday 26 September 17:00 - 20:00


First class: Erasmus Universiteit - Theil Building - Lokaal CB-1

Second class: M2-03 'Sorbonne' - Campus Woudestein

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