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Digital training course Information Technology - Period 1 Group 1 ENG


With this digital 6 hour training, you will be prepared for your exam/resit for Information Technology.

Rayco will explain the important subjects and will answer all your questions. In addition, we practice a lot with exam questions. If used, you will receive a digital manual at the beginning of your first lesson and the powerpoint at the end. The manual is a read-only version, so it can’t be printed or shared.

The group has room for a maximum of 10 students. The unique warranty applies to training to this training.

  • Totaal72.00

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PRE-ORDER Hard copy manual -Information Tehnology

This is a pre-order. We’re currently working on the manual, once it’s ready you will receive it within two working days. This manual consists of a comprehensive summary, supplemented with practice questions and the answers to these. The manuals are always printed in black and white, unless stated otherwise. Please note: this order is a hard copy version.

When you book an exam training for this course, you will receive this training manual for free as part of your training. Your manual will be delivered to your home within two working days, after ordering (until 5 p.m.). The price of the manual includes 9% VAT.

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