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Research Paper for E&BE - Personal Tutoring


This tutoring is open for both Dutch and international students. For the Research Paper for E&BE we offer individual tutoring, because we would love to help you personally with your paper.

When you apply for a personal tutoring session, we first offer you a free intake by phone. At the free intake we figure out together what you need help with and explain our possibilities to you. There is also room for you to ask all your questions. At the end of the free intake we offer you a personal advice on how many consults you’ll need and which tutor will suit you best. After this, you can decide if you want to proceed and with how many consults. For this years course the consults cost €42 per consult.

With applying for this course, you'll book your first consult. In the exceptional case where we don't find you a right tutor, you'll of course get your money back. This will also be the case when you decide not to use the consult after the free intake.

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