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Block 1.2.2 (GH & MM)

Universiteit Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Geneeskunde/Medicine Block 1.2.2 (GH & MM)

Boost 1.2.1 ENG - list of interest

Sign up to the list of interest for free when you would like to see us organise a training for you. When there are more than 3 sign-ups we will do our best to organise a training. When the training will be organised you will the first to know. Signing up to the training itself is of course not obliged. So you will be attached to nothing by leaving your name here.

In the boost the teacher will discuss all the "old" study material from 1.2.1 which will be tested again in the next exam.

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Boost 1.2.1 GH & MM


Soon block 1.2.2 will be tested. Did you have struggle with block 1.2.1, take this boost! The teacher will explain everything that is necessary to know about the previous parts. There will be practice questions as well! The training will consist of 2 lessons of 2 hours.

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1.2.2 GH & MM


In this training you wil discuss everything that is necessary for 1.2.2. The teacher knows how to explain it and has practice questions for you. You can ask him or her everything that you want. At Tentamentrainingen we work with an unique 'Didn’t pass, money back-warranty'. For this course it works a little different. If you have lower than 60% on the test for which you followed a course, you will get a free booster for the next test!

Book now, to make sure you have a spot in this course!

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Deze training is reeds begonnen