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Would you like to follow an exam training for the course Criminal Law? You can show you are interested by subscribing to this interest list for free. If enough students would like to follow the training we will try to organize one for you! During a training you will be prepared for the exam Criminal Law in 12 hours, divided over 4 sessions. The lecturer will go over all the important concepts of the course and you can ask all your questions. In advance of the training you will receive a ‘course guide’, this includes a summary and example exam questions. If the lecturer of the exam training course uses a powerpoint presentation, it will be shared with the students. In one exam training, fifteen students can participate. And we are the only company with a “Didn’t pass, money back”-warranty!

Victoria is a Master student in Victimology and Criminal Justice and she has a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Thus, she has a background in Social Sciences and Law. After having completed her Master's program, she is going to start working as a PhD researcher.

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