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FREE Masterclass - Finance for Pre-MSc - English (2022/2023)

Get your premaster off to a flying start by preparing for the tough Finance course!

TentamenTrainingen.nl is organizing a free online Masterclass for Finance in September, given by one of our most experienced teachers. In this two-hour Masterclass we give you a preview of our training courses by covering the most important topics for Finance, practicing with assignments and by giving you the opportunity to ask questions. All this is offered to you for free! There are a limited spots available, so book now to ensure a spot!

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Finance for Pre-MSc - Midterm - Group 1 - English (2022/2023)


With this 12 hour training, you will be prepared for your midterm for Finance for Pre-MSc. The teacher will explain the important subjects and will answer all your questions. In addition, we practice a lot with exam questions. If used, you will receive an exam bundle at the beginning of your first lesson and the powerpoint at the end.

The group has room for a maximum of 10 students. The unique warranty applies to this training when you follow both the midterm and the endterm training course with us.

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GRATIS Masterclass - Financefor Pre-MSc - Nederlands (2022/2023)

Start het collegejaar goed op door je alvast voor te bereiden op het pittige vak Finance!

TentamenTrainingen.nl organiseert in september een gratis online Masterclass voor Finance die wordt gegeven door één van onze meest ervaren docenten. In deze twee uur durende Masterclass geven we je een voorproefje van onze trainingen, door de belangrijkste lesstof van Finance te behandelen, te oefenen met oefenvragen én uiteraard is er gelegenheid tot het stellen van vragen. Bovendien is de Masterclass gratis! Er zijn een beperkt aantal plekken voor de Masterclass, dus boek nu om zeker te zijn van een plek!

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Digital exam bundle for Finance for Pre-Master

This is the new exam bundle for Finance for Pre-MSc, which is designed to learn the material through practice. It offers a comprehensive summary of the material of both the midterm and endterm. Besides that, there are many examples, practice questions, and a full midterm and endterm exam to practice with. Further elaboration on the manual is given in the classes by teachers. Please note: this order is a digital read-only version. Your exam bundle will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. The price of the exam bundle includes 9% VAT. When you book an exam training for this course, you will receive this exam bundle for free as part of your training. NOTE: Please sign up with a Google account to receive the exam bundle.

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