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Multivariate Data Analysis

Universiteit Universiteit Leiden Psychology (IBP) Multivariate Data Analysis

Free Masterclass Multivariate Data Analysis - powered by tentamentrainingen.nl


Would you like to begin your academic year with a kickstart? Join the free Masterclass from Tentamentrainingen.nl and you will get an introduction to some of the most important subjects of the course! In two hours, our teacher will explain difficult subjects and practice with exam questions of the course Multivariate Data Analysis. This free Masterclass will be given by one of our most experienced teachers. In addition, there will be plenty of time to ask your questions!

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Digital Training Multivariate Data Analysis - Endterm - Group 1


With this digital 12 hour training, you will be prepared for your exam for Multivariate Data Analysis.

Your teacher will explain the important subjects and will answer all your questions. In addition, we practice a lot with exam questions. If used, you will receive a digital exam bundle at the beginning of your first lesson and the powerpoint at the end. The exam bundle is a read-only version, so it can’t be printed or shared.

The group has room for a maximum of 10 students. The unique warranty applies to the training for members of Labyrint.

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