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Are you interested in following a training for the resit for Mathematics for E&BE from one of our great teachers? Sign up below and we'll contact you to let you know when it's happening!

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Summary mathematics for Economics & Business Economics

To help prepare you for your exam in the most effective way possible we offer this summary. Produced in cooperation with student assistants teaching mathematics for E&BE in 2018/2019 it is exam focussed and offers a precise summary of all chapters important for the exam. It includes elaborate solutions to a wide range of exercises produced exclusively for this summary. With this summary you will be prepared more effectively for your exam and know exactly what subjects are vital to the exam this year! The document is a total of 87 pages. After purchase the guide will immediately be send by mail and be delivered in one, or very rarely two, working days. The 6% VAT is included in purchasing price.

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