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Gratis aangeboden door de SOG

This year we organise a free Masterclass for 1.1.1. in cooperation with the Studentenorganisatie Groningen!

Join our free 2 hour long masterclass on theme 1.1.1 and be fully prepared for your exam! Amila, one of the teachers from TentamenTrainingen.nl, who just finished her bachelor's degree Cum Laude, is going to tell you all the necessary ins and outs for your first exam. Also, she will provide you with some general study tips to kick start your first year!

The masterclass will be organised for you by the SOG (Studentenorganisatie Groningen) in cooperation with TentamenTrainingen.nl. The SOG is an advocacy association for students at the University of Groningen and consists of a board, a faction in the University Council and various committees. The SOG represents the interests of all students on a university level and organizes various events throughout the year. In addition, the SOG organizes all kinds of activities, where you can attend to as a student. On studentenorganisatie.nl you'll find all the further information about the SOG.

This Masterclass is totally free of charge!

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