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Statistics 1B - Marathon


We're now offering a Statistics 1B Marathon day for only €49!!

In 4 hours, we'll cover as much Statistics 1B content as possible to prepare you for your upcoming exam! We'll also discuss some old exam questions together to give you an insight on what you can expect from your first partial.

The docent for this day is Pascal. Pascal has been a tutor for many years and has given lessons for multiple courses throughout different Universities in the Netherlands. He is excited to help you pass your exam!

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Statistics 1B - Resit - Group 1


This training will be held in English. With this training, you will be prepared for your resit for Statistics 1B. It consists of 12 hours, divided over 4 lessons.

Jim will explain the important subjects and answers all your questions. In addition, we practice a lot with exam questions. At the beginning of the first lesson you will receive the training manual, consisting of a summary in combination with practice questions. If used, the PowerPoint slides will be shared with the group after each lesson.

Jim also gave the training for Statistics 1B last year and this is some of the feedback that we received about him from a student that followed his training: ''Jim was not only very involved and motivated to help, but also wrote an awesome, helpful and creative booklet with really fun exercises!''

If you would like this experience for a training for Statistics 1B as well, make sure to sign up as soon as possible!

In case your a Dutch student following the Dutch track, we recommend Jacco's course for Statistiek 1b. In case your a Dutch student following the English track, you can, of course, choose between taking our English class or Jacco's Dutch statistics class.

The group has room for a maximum of 15 students. The unique warranty applies to this training, but only for members of VIP, Study Association Psychologie Groningen.

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Deze training is reeds begonnen

Manual - Statistics 1B - Resit

Normally this manual is used exclusively during our training courses, but in this case you can also order it separately. The manual consists of a comprehensive summary, supplemented with practice questions and the answers to these. The manuals are always printed in black and white, unless stated otherwise. Please note: this order is a hard copy version. Your manual will be delivered to your home within two working days, after ordering (until 5 p.m.). Due to COVID19, PostNL might have some delay. TentamenTrainingen.nl is not responsible in this case. The price of the manual includes 9% VAT.

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